Classes for 

2nd to 12th Grades

Fully Equipped Classrooms
(Laptops, Devices, Robotic Kits, Electronic Kits etc are provided.

Students do not need to bring anything)


Subject Matter Expert


Professionally Designed Curriculum

Low Student : Teacher Ratio


Weekly One Hour Classes


Transforming Tech Users Into Tech Creators
NextGen Tech


Our Mission

Today's post-modern era is all about technology, that include self-driving cars,  automation robots,  personal assistant drones, smart homes, smart cities, books on kindle, life with 3D printing and all the way to Virtual Reality (VR) revolutionizing everything from learning, medical science to entertainment.  With all the technology around us, computer science has become a basic skill, no matter what field of career one wants to follow.

At NextGen Tech Learning, our mission is to provide a creative platform for every child to learn technology & programming going into Next Generation. Technology & engineering together are now considered as the core foundation of an advanced society. Our goal is to teach students computer science, and show them the endless possibilities computer science can open up for them, and give them a new direction of creativity and productivity.

Our teaching style is transitional: We provide teacher led in-class instructions with personalized attention to each student, blended with in-class student driven projects & hands on activities. We highly encourage students for technical discussions, asking curious questions and brainstorming new ideas in class. We encourage students to implement their technical skills into real world solutions/products.

Our curriculum is specifically designed for kids to make the process of learning technology & programming enjoyable and highly creative experience for them. We inspire students to think beyond just being the consumer of devices & gadgets, and understand the technology behind it, and how they can build & invent their own and be the Next Tech Leader.​

Sharad Singhani, Founder and President 

Sharad Singhani founded NextGen Tech Learning in early 2014 with a dream to give a vision of technology to every child going into next generation.

​Sharad has extensive experience in software industry. He worked at large and mid-size enterprise companies  - always building, leading and managing cutting-edge technology products. 

Sharad graduated from IIT Roorkee, at the early stages of his career he started working on evolving technologies like web and Java. He was one of the early adopters of Java programming language, while Java was still in the beta version. Sharad landed in Dayton OH in 1997, and in early 1999 joined Oracle and moved to the bay area. He stayed at Oracle for nearly 10 years, worked in the field of web & mobile technologies, as engineer, architect and then moved on to the management positions. Sharad later held senior technical management positions at other companies, leading and managing innovative products.  

While Sharad was busy with his corporate job doing late night and early morning meetings, his 9 year old tech whiz son was craving to get guidance and have technical brainstorming sessions with him. This was the time when Sharad started looking around to find a technology mentor or guide for his son, and quickly realized, that even living in Silicon Valley, and in the vicinity of tech giants like Google & Apple, there were no substantial places or resources for kids to learn programming and technology in a meaningful way. This was the turning point for Sharad, his son’s passion to learn technology inspired him, to build a platform for every child to learn technology and idea of NextGen Tech Learning was born….

Sharad is passionate about technology, new innovations and loves to follow the next big thing in the field of technology, he is keenly interested in the area of Mobile Technologies, Machine Learning, Robotics, Sensor Programming, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Sharad is married to beautiful wife Preeti, who holds a computer science degree and loves to create fusion of technology and art using her designing skills. They are proud parents of 13 and 8 year old kids.