Classes for 

2nd to 12th Grades

Fully Equipped Classrooms
(Laptops, Devices, Robotic Kits, Electronic Kits etc are provided.

Students do not need to bring anything)


Subject Matter Expert


Professionally Designed Curriculum

Low Student : Teacher Ratio


Weekly One Hour Classes


Transforming Tech Users Into Tech Creators
NextGen Tech




Read What Students & Parents Say About Us .....


My sons took online spring break camps at NextGen. I want to say Thank you. Both had a wonderful time and as a parent working in software field for many years, I was impressed by how much they were able to learn and how teachers built their interest in coding. We have already signed up Rohan for Java classes and planning to sign up younger one too.
                                                            -Rajesh (Parent)

My son took in-person classes at your San Ramon location a few years ago but took a break because of his heavy sports commitment. Now I signed him for online classes, at first, I was slightly concerned about his involvement in the class as he is a sport-minded, but he is really happy and enjoying the class. Thank you very much for providing classes so involving and interesting that he got hooked on programming again in a few weeks.
                                                              -Deepali (Parent)

Dear NextGen,
I'm writing to thank you for organizing such engaging summer camps.  
My son Albert is generally against any summer camps and refuses to go to any except for yours.  As parents, nothing is more joyful than seeing teenagers learn meaningful coding skills while enjoying the process of learning.
Your school is such a blessing to Fremont community. We can't thank you enough for providing such engaging curriculum for teenagers.

                                                             -Julie (Parent)

The teacher is very knowledgeable and passionate about his class. He explains the material well & makes it easy. I am always eager to finish the  week’s homework as soon as possible. In addition there is good learning environment where if you are respectful and follow the instructions, you can make friends have fun and learn a lot.
                                                             -Christopher (9th Grader)

My son really liked spring break session and would love to attend weekly classes. 

                                                             -Ambika (Parent)

Both my boys love how the instructor teaches with so much patience and being nice to the kids. I love the fact that kids are inspired and want to learn more programming and the class is motivating them.


Very nice good start tech programming for newer generation. My kid stopped watching tv and always working with Scratch and making new games.  He even wants us to try it out everyday .  Even I got interested into it after my kid joined at NextGen.


I like a lot of things, but the best thing is teacher, Mr. Singhani !!! He is funny, understanding and is good at explaining. I always look forward to his class.                                 


I am thankful for a venue in San Ramon that introduces these programming topics to elementary aged students as there are very limited good options to expose them to programming  before NGT Learning came along.
I appreciate the ability to makeup missed classes.


My son is enjoying how to make applications. He is trying to practice at home. He is very interested to come every week & have fun


What i like about the class is that we are always learning interesting techniques

                                                                  -Kyle (Student)

Ngt is a very good class because you learn programming. I love programming because i want to make video games. This is the Best class I go to (I go to 7 classes)

                                                                 -Arjun(4th Grader)

Ngt taught us how programming can lead to thinking logically

                                                                -Anirudh(7th Grader)

I like it because it is interactive and not just teacher tells students.The teacher describes and he lets you figure  out how to do it. Sometimes, its not too obvious. 


NGT offers variety of classes, which are not offered at other places nearby.


My son loves it and loves to come to class. lots of learning & fun.


I  love how you support us to be motivated. I also love all the cool programs we make on the robots.

                                                              -Juhi((3rd Grader)

You teach us a lot of technology  that we can do at home. I am always looking forward to the classes to do on Fridays